Advice from Dr. Guijarro, endocrinologist at the Clínica Ochoa

consejo para su dieta

1- Don’t aim at losing weight just in a few days.

The word “diet” comes from the Greek, and means to change your life, that is, to eat sensibly and exercise more. If you do an aggressive diet, this will launch what we call “saving genes” and they will make you then gain back that weight very quickly. This is the dreaded “yo-yo” effect.

2- Weigh yourself on an empty stomach once a week; pay special attention to the measurement of the perimeter of the abdomen at about the level of the navel as your target will be to decrease the perimeter to under 82cm for women and 105 cm for men.

3- Note that all foods provide energy (calories).

Neither makes you fat or thin. The reality is that they provide more or fewer calories, and a number of nutrients that are necessary for your health. For example, olive oil brings the most beneficial substances, but you should use it sparingly. Fruit also provides calories; do not exceed three or four pieces a day.

4- You can eat some bread.  Wholemeal bread will give you the sense of being full and will prevent constipation.

5- Ignore any comments on incompatible foods.  That theory has no scientific basis. Man is an omnivorous animal, that is, the human digestive tract is designed to digest and absorb any food (except for grass).

6- Do you know that serrano and cooked ham have the same calories? Choose lean ham.

7- Any fish, regardless of its fat, will always have fewer calories than beef. So eat more fish than meat, and choose a low fat cooking method (baked, microwaved, grilled, on a spit, etc.). Try to avoid fried, except for special occasions, and in such cases always place the food on absorbent paper to soak up the fat.

8- Water never hurt anyone, neither before, during or after a meal. Drink, as much water as you want.

9- Alcohol is also very high in calories;  so we advise you to drink little or none of it. Always choose dry wine, which has no sugar or dry cava. Avoid hard liquors and spirits.

10- You can eat sugar but always in moderation, or replace it with saccharin or aspartame, which, do not worry, does not cause cancer.

11- Try to enjoy a diverse menu.  As Professor Grande Covian use to say, “that is the best way to have a balanced diet”.

12- Buy yourself a good pair of sports shoes and walk, swim or dance. In the long term it will help you lose weight.

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