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medicina estetica y salud

Interview withDr. Elena Hens, head of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of Hospital Ochoa.

Doctor Elena Hens, please tell us what does surgery and aesthetic medicine cover?

Mainly, both medicine and aesthetic surgery are responsible for performing techniques to improve the image, currently focusing on increasingly less-invasive procedures.

More and more people are resorting to non-surgical treatments classified as aesthetic medicine services…

The services of aesthetic medicine are getting wider and are not only aimed at people with a marked age. They also cover agingprevention. As we reach our 30s, we may begin to take care of ourselves, to stop the progress superficial wrinkles.

Understanding Aesthetic Medicine does not only cover how to improve our image but also our health, don’t you think so?

I strongly agree, in fact consultations reflect that people look for their global well-being. It is more a philosophy of life when it comes to taking care of oneself, not just an aesthetic need to look better.

What role does your field play in restorative surgery?

We found situations like in the event of scars, burns or defects after other surgeries, treatment from the surgical point of view would be more aggressive, in these cases Aesthetic Medicine is a good complement.

Tell us about your team in the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of Hospital Ochoa?

Currently, the unit is made up of 3 surgeons, 3 assistants, a director, who coordinates cosmetic work and equipment, and me in Aesthetic Medicine, with treatments such as botox, hyaluronic acid, tensor treatments, etc.

A unit such as the one under your care, should it be at the forefront on equipment, is a significant investment required in that case?

Indeed, a very large investment is needed. We should also study what part of that equipment can be a benefit for the patient and not only represent passing trend but instruments that are based on serious studies and scientific evidence. Radiofrequency or laser developments are some of the fields in which we have an influence when improving our equipment.

Botox was once one of the most revolutionary treatments in this field, although it seems that it is not the definitive solution to problems…

It does not solve everything but it’s of great help.  Botulinum toxin (botox) dates back from old times in medicine. Used in congenital torticollis, for example, or in pathologies where tightly contracted and tense musculature needs to be relaxed. Aesthetic Medicine has incorporated it to take advantage of its benefits and uses it to relax the muscles involved in expression wrinkles. It certainly does not solve everything, because its results are transitory, although the truth is that currently in this field everything is directed towards non-permanent products, degradable and that can be reabsorbed, because in the long term permanent products were causing problems. Less invasive techniques that adapt to the needs of the person in each moment are preferred.

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