COVID-19 antibody test in Marbella19

This Covid test does not detect the presence of the virus itself, but instead detects the different types of antibodies generated to fight against the virus.
The antibody (serology) test may be used to determine the level of immune response that a person has developed against Covid-19.

  • Results: within 48 hours
  • Test type: blood sample
  • Price: 35 €

What is an antibody test?

The Covid antibody test is performed via blood sample and the result is available in under 48 hours.

It is able to detect the specific antibodies inpeople who have hadthe virus, whether symptomatically or not, including those who suspect that they may have spread it.

It is important to note that 12-15 days must have passed since infection for the body to generate antibodies and for these to be detectable.

These antibodies are of 2 types:

IgM immunoglobulins appear in the first few days after infection and disappear after a few weeks.

IgG immunoglobulins are longer lasting and do not appear until later stages of the infection.

In very rare cases (under 5% of infected) people have overcome Covid-19 without their bodies generating an immune response, and thus they do not have antibodies.

How much does the antibody test cost?

The antibody test costs 35 €.

How long do results take?

The results are available in under 48 hours.

Can I find out my body’s immune response after getting vaccinated?

Yes. Hospital Ochoa offers the option of knowing one’s Covid-19 response after they get vaccinated.

This post-vaccination antibody detection test can be carried out thanks to the Elisa technique, which is capable of finding antibodies against the S (‘spike’) protein of Covid-19.

This protein is inoculated with the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and inducesthe body to produce the specific antibodies. A minimum of3 weeks must have passed aftervaccinationin order to obtain a test reliabilityof over 98%, which becomes 100% after one month.

  • Depending on the specific motivefor the test and the time elapsed, the doctor will determine which test is the most suitable.
  • Appointmentscan be made via our website or by calling 952861400.
  • When a person first notices symptoms or learns of having been in contact with a positive case of Covid-19, they should contact Salud Responde and take preventive measures until they receive the test results.

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