Back to school, key recommendations for a smooth return to class

In September, it’s all back to normal, the summer is over, we return to work. Even if it does not differ from previous times, it still affects us.

For the last few years, a term has been coined that defines the set of sensations or even symptoms that we suffer when facing the harsh reality:  post-vacation syndrome or stress.

Loss of sleep, anxiety, fatigue are some of the symptoms, which in some cases can even be confused with a viral condition, according to experts. This condition may also affect children in different degrees that will depend on how we prepare them psychologically: positive reinforcement related to the return to the classes,about meeting their friends, leisure activities, new uniform, new school material, books …

However, apart from this frame of mind, special attention must also be paid to other details that may affect our children. Daily routines may entail back pains and problems with vision… and let’s not forget about the feared lice.

One of the most worrying aspects is the excessive weight of books and materials they carry in their school bags. Among recommendations to prevent future injuries, we should take into account that the weight of the backpack does not exceed 15 percent of the child’s weight so as not to cause muscle overload. Backpacks with wheels or with two handles at the same height also help prevent future evils.

Another detail to take into account for children’s return to school is the review of their eyesight, especially those who have a family history or show signs and symptoms of possible vision problems. In these cases, the little ones especially must pay a visit to the ophthalmologist.

We should not leave aside one of the biggest concerns of families not only at the beginning of the school year, but also throughout it, such as lice, which for no apparent reason in recent years have experienced a significant increase.

Apart from the classic treatments that we can find in the pharmacy to prevent or eliminate nits or lice, in recent years, specialized centers have emerged to eliminate them.

Although annoying, having head lice only causes an intense itching, but does not lead to serious health problems. Nor do they spread any disease.

And one last thing to keep in mind, the fact of having head lice does not mean that the person does not have good hygienic habits nor that he or she belongs to any specific social class.

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