Enjoy a smooth holiday, free of bad surprises of shocks


Your summer at the beach or the pool should be risk-free for your health. However, this requires taking a number of precautions for our holidays to be more enjoyable and free of any discomfort.

Unexpected issues can occur on holidays, especially when we travel. These can include sunburn, sleep disorders or constipation. All of them can become a drawback and spoil those days of rest.

While some of these can almost always be avoided, summer is a time when we relax and when our body has to adapt quickly to new changes. However, relaxing does not mean abandoning our health care, some advice can always come in handy.

In addition to the already well-known sunscreen, a basic and classic tip to enjoy a good holiday, we can add the consumption of fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation. We should not forget drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, wearing appropriate footwear if we plan on taking long walks or strolls.

Regular exercise, even on holidays, is highly recommended to stay healthy, as long as it not performed in the middle of the day to avoid high temperatures.

After swimming, both in the sea or in the swimming pool, it is important to change your bathing suit, since moisture encourages the growth of bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections.

Being cautious does not mean going over the top. It is worth when preparing your holidays keeping in mind to take with you a first-aid kit with essential products and your regular medication, if necessary. You can also include disinfectant for wounds, sterile gauze and bandages. Pain relievers, antidiarrheals, antihistamines and mosquito repellent are also recommended.

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