FIV Ochoa will freeze eggs free of charge for all women diagnosed with cancer.

  • The IVF egg freezing technique, known as oocyte vitrification, allows women to preserve their fertility for their future family.
  • Hospital Ochoa is committed to the fight against cancer and will also provide sperm banking to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.
  • The campaign will begin on February 4, World Cancer Day, and will continue throughout the month. The expenses covered will include the entire medical procedure as well as 1 year of sperm and embryo banking. It will not however cover the medication required for ovarian stimulation.

According to the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, approximately 215,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed in Spain each year. Breast cancer is the most frequent type of cancer in women, representing almost 30% of oncology patients.

Fortunately, people are increasingly winning the fight against this disease. According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, the 5-year survival rate for breast cancer in Spain is now 82.8%, which is above the European average.

Cancer treatments often include radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which unfortunately carry numerous negative side effects including the irreversible damage to ovaries and sperm. It is therefore common for cancer patients to have their reproductive ability drastically reduced or annulled. However, depending on the type of cancer, many patients today are able to have reproductive samples securely preserved prior to commencing cancer treatment.

Currently, egg freezing is the technique that provides the best guarantees for preserving a woman’s fertility. Vitrification is a modern technique that rapidly freezes reproductive cells to a temperature of -196°C, literally within seconds.

The eggs (oocytes) are kept intact in liquid nitrogen, obtaining survival rates of above 90% at the time of thawing. In order to ensure best results, it is recommended that the patient freeze her eggs before the age of 36-38.

Fertility preservation, the great unknown

Unfortunately, many people remain unaware that fertility preservation may be an ideal option for them. Many women nowadays delay having children due to social and labour reasons, and all too often leave it to late until they have no option but to resort to donor eggs. This reality is often tough to accept, and many such women feel regretful for not freezing their reproductive cells earlier.

Fertility preservation techniques have been around for some time now, yet it seems evident that they need to be more widely promoted as a viable option for all women to consider. Vitrification and cryopreservation of reproductive cells is not only a great idea for cancer patients. The more women freeze their eggs at an early age, the more women will see their reproductive options still available at a later age.

FIV Ochoa expands 

FIV Ochoa has recently expanded its team of medical professionals in order to keep up with demand and continue to offer the best IVF service on the Costa del Sol.

Thus, the team led by Dr. Manel Elbaile and embryologist Dr. Lourdes Fernandez has welcomed:

  • Fiona Foddai, international patient coordinator.
  • Mª José Figueroa, senior embryologist.
  • Juan M. Marín, gynecologist specialising in assisted reproduction.
  • Luis M. García, gynecologist specialising in assisted reproduction.

About FIV Ochoa:

  • FIV Ochoa, Hospital Ochoa’s assisted reproduction unit, is located on Marbella’s seafront promenade.
  • Since 1997 Hospital Ochoa has proudly provided personalised care, advanced technology, and the best professionals.
  • FIV Ochoa has closed the year 2020 with a 66% pregnancy success rate, both in IVF (cumulative rate per cycle) and in egg donation (rate per transfer).
  • Hospital Ochoa offers an all-inclusive range of care, with over 130 health professionals working in 36 medical specialties. Our 6000 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities include highly specialised units, 24-hour emergency service, hospitalisation area and 4 integrated operating theatres.

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