Hospital Ochoa remains Covid-free and a steadfast promoter of testing.

Pedro Serrano durante la entrevista para la Cadena Ser

In addition to PCR and antigen tests, Hospital Ochoa can conduct antibody tests that check the type and amount of immunoglobulin generated by the body’s defensive response.

This test is performed via ELISA technology (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). It is a very useful tool after an inconclusive PCR test result, or to determine the amount of antibodies generated after infection or vaccination.


One year into the pandemic

At present Spain has endured the SARS-COV 2 pandemic for over a year. Hospital Ochoa continues to ensure that patients are safe.

Our due diligence and strict adherence to safety protocols has kept our patients safe and preserved our ability to provide first-rate quality healthcare in Marbella.

“Faced with such an unprecedented situation, we acted swiftly and decisively by implementing a double circuit in the Emergency Department (one part dedicated exclusively to respiratory issues) in order to protect the health of our patients and prevent the spread of infection,” recalled Pedro Serrano, Hospital Ochoa CEO, speaking to Cadena SER Costa del Sol.

“As the days went by, we successfully rearranged the hospital’s entire procedures to address the situation. I think that this action was very beneficial and prevented many contagions from occurring,” added Hospital Ochoa’s co-founder.


Tests have always been a critical tool in the fight against Covid-19. Hospital Ochoa offers all Covid-19 tests currently available on the market.

Antigen Test

This method detects the SARS-CoV-2 virus by testing for the presence of antigens. A swab sample taken from the nose and mouth is used to detect proteins called antigens from the surface of the virus. Antigen tests are the most popular option because the results take only 15 minutes.


PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

This test amplifies the virus’ RNA to facilitate its detection. A swab sample is taken from the throat or nose and the results determine whether the virus is currently present in the body.

PCR tests are the most reliable option and can only be performed by specially trained personnel. Hospital Ochoa is the only private hospital in Marbella that delivers PCR test results on the same day.


Antibody (serology) tests

This procedure is geared towards the body’s natural immune response against the virus. Our immune system reacts to the presence of any virus by generating antibodies to defend against that threat. There are two types of antibodies:

  • IgM. The immune system uses these during the acute phase of the infection. They fight the virus while it is present in the body.
  • IgG. These antibodies remain present in the bloodstream after the infection has cleared. Their enduring presence facilitates early detection and quick response to viral infection.


Convenient electronic results

Hospital Ochoa uses a fast and efficient electronic system whereby each patient can access their results on their phone via a barcode. Results are fully confidential, can be obtained within 12 hours, and can fulfil official Covid requirements such travel documentation.


Vaccines are the best measure against Covid-19

While tests have played a key role in the pandemic’s first year, newly developed vaccines are the best weapon against Covid-19 going forward into the foreseeable future.

“The solution to this problem is for private clinics to be able to vaccinate against Covid-19. It would be ideal if all medical centers were allowed to administer the shots and thus speed up the process”, said Hospital Ochoa’s CEO Pedro Serrano.

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