Hospital Ochoa successfully performed the first prostate cancer operation, without removing the gland

Hospital Ochoa carries out the first operation of prostate cancer in which the removal of the gland has not been necessary. This has been possible thanks to a new approach in the treatment of this type of tumours known as irreversible electroporation.

This technique is at the heart of future prostate cancer treatments (the most frequent in men). It was performed on a patient by the team of doctors, specialists in urology, Dr. Alfonso Santos, Dr.Eric Schulten and Dr.Ulf W. Tunn (promoter of the treatment).

The intervention enables extirpation of the localized tumour without removing the entire gland, which is a revolution in comparison to the techniques used for years.  

Localized prostate cancer has been treated for many years in an ablative way, or what is the same, by removing the gland completely. Although results were very good from the oncological point of view, the cases of patients suffering from impotence, incontinence or stenosis were high.

Hospital Ochoa joins many centres that have been working on focal therapy throughout Europe for years, a technique that was presented last year at the European Association of Urology in Munich.

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