Hospital Ochoa takes part in acquiring a new vehicle for ASPANDEM


Hospital Ochoa has collaborated in acquiring a people carrier for ASPANDEM, the non-profit NGO for people with disabilities. The vehicle was donated by the company Bace Publicidad with the participation of up to a dozen local businesses, including Hospital Ochoa. It will be used at its centre in Las Palomas.

One of the main organisers of this project, without whom it would never have been possible, is Jaime Logroño. Well aware of the organisation’s dire need for a new vehicle, Jaime’s determination proved vital in bringing together various local businesses to deliver a new vehicle enabling the NGO to continue its praiseworthy work.

The vehicle’s delivery ceremony was attended by various ASPANDEM shareholders, as well as San Pedro councillors for Social Issues, Isabel Cintado, and Social Policies, Begoña Rueda. Ms Cintado remarked on the extraordinary work achieved by ASPANDEM since its creation in 1980, “becoming a point of reference in the municipality, as it has been responding and adapting to the needs of the community, and evolving and growing in the number of people and families served”.

For her part, María José Morales, president of ASPANDEM, expressed her gratitude for the donation to the advertising company, and to the City Council for their “constant” cooperation, “an administration that has also helped find local partners for the purchase of this vehicle”. Morales explained that “we have a large fleet of vehicles but these have deteriorated with the passage of time, so this new addition was needed”.

The vehicle, valued at €33,000, has 9 seats, 140hp and will provide great comfort to its new users.

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