Since 1997, Hospital Ochoa has strived to achieve healthcare excellence by offering patients comprehensive service and personalised care.

Our determination, kindness, professionalism and efficiency are values that, together with the continuous development of our premises, ensure that we remain at the forefront of modern healthcare.

OCHOA Trajectory

  • Opening of Clínica Ochoa​

    Clínica Ochoa opens its doors offering 7 outpatient rooms and daytime emergencies. ​

    August 1997
  • New Radiology area​

    The radiology area begins its activity with a CT scan machine and an open MRI machine. Three years later, the consultation area was expanded and made accessible from the seafront promenade.​

    June 2002
  • Outpatient department​

    Hospital Ochoa expands its facilities to 6000 m2 with a new surgical area consisting of 4 integrated operating theatres and a post-anaesthetic recovery unit.​

    May 2010
  • Hospitalisation ward and IVF Ochoa​

    The hospitalisation ward consists of 18 rooms along two wings, with private rooms facing the sea. A year later, IVF Ochoa started its activity. ​

    September 2012

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Hospital Ochoa has 6000 square metres divided into different areas; 24h emergencies, radiology, surgery, endoscopy, recovery unit, hospitalisation, ICU, outpatients, laboratory, etc.

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