How to avoid constipation during the holidays


Days of rest are usually conducive to the appearance of undesirable constipation. This is mainly due to changes in diet and a significant decrease in physical activity that leads to bowel alterations. In this article we offer you some advice on how to keep your bowel habits regular, especially when you find yourself away from home.

  • A high-fibre diet

During our days of rest it is very common to eat less healthy and ingest lower amounts of fruits and vegetables that provide our digestive tracts’ with the necessary fibre for proper functioning. If we add to this the fact that people generally also consume lower amounts of legumes during the heat of the summer, we come to realise that diet is the main cause of constipation. It is advisable to eat whole pieces of fruit, and to not replace their consumption with juice. Fruit will help us to keep our glycaemic index under control and in turn will provide us with a feeling of satiety, thanks to their high-fibre content.

  • Making salads our travel companions

Salads are simple and refreshing and will hydrate us and provide us with all kinds of vitamins, antioxidants and large amounts of fibre, which are so necessary for the proper evacuation of faeces.

  • Stay hydrated

Perhaps the most important piece of advice. Keeping the stomach and intestines hydrated is essential for proper defecation. In hot periods such as summer people should drink more than usual, as the high temperatures will tend to dehydrate us more easily.

  • Reduce the intake of alcoholic

The high diuretic effect of alcohol will cause us to dehydrate easily, which as previously mentioned affects our body’s digestive process. It is understandable that during the holidays we may wish to enjoy the odd mojito, but if we overdo it, we should drink plenty of water to counteract its effects on the digestive tract.

  • Wholemeal flours instead of refined ones

Ideally, we would always eat wholemeal flour. It is recommended we eat bread, rice, pasta and similar starches made from whole grains. It is difficult to always comply with this advice, especially in restaurants, but if we don’t want our intestinal tract to suffer too much, we should try to follow it whenever possible.

  • Eating pickles and yogurt

Snacks such as pickles, canned olives and yogurt, are excellent at replacing intestinal flora, which in turn is important for the regulation of the intestines. When this flora is modified, the capacity to absorb nutrients is reduced, the defence mechanisms of the digestive tract are altered, and harmful bacteria can appear, causing diarrhoea, bloating, heaviness or constipation.

  • Don’t forget to do exercise

Holidays cannot be synonymous with total inactivity if we want our bodies to continue to function correctly. Days of rest can serve to disconnect us from work and daily obligations, but the body needs to continue to exercise in order to stay healthy. Going for a walk or a run, playing a game of tennis or football, are extremely fun activities that can be done during hours of less sunshine. They will help the mobility of our intestines so that the faecal bolus continues its smooth course until evacuated.

  • Cigarettes out!

Smoking is a major cause of disease. In addition to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, tobacco also causes constipation. Perhaps summer is a good time to throw your cigarettes away and enjoy a healthy better healthier life.

  • Beware of certain medicines!

The incidence of antidepressants and hypertension, iron and calcium supplements has been medically proven to cause a number of health issues, including constipation. Anti-inflammatories and antacids are also directly related to this digestive discomfort.

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