How to recover from the excesses of the holidays


Christmas parties alter our usual body balance with meals or drinks above what we are used to.  Intake of sweets, big meals and absence of physical exercise are some of the routines that after these days we wish to leave behind as soon as possible.

Bad habits play against us. Good news is that our body has a long memory, therefore, in a short time one can get back in shape.  After the holidays, the usual thing is to realise that overeating has a cost. We notice it in the form of discomfort or weight gain and loss of physical shape. The recommendation is to get down to work as soon as possible to recover good habits.  How can we succeed? Here are some tips that can help us:

If we want a faster recovery, go for a cleansing diet. Do not eat foods with saturated fats. Drink more liquids (water and herbal teas), this will help eliminating toxins accumulated in the body.  No carbonated or alcoholic drinks.  Apples, grapes, pineapple, strawberry, lemon, artichoke, broccoli, asparagus, onion and garlic are among recommended foods to purify your body.

Return to practice sports as soon as possible. Start slowly to recover the habit. Avoid high impact and fast pace in sports that could cause injuries.

Do not forget to rest. Aim for a minimum of seven hours sleep each night.

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