I Conferences on Health Promotion awaken the interest of a hundred people

Guijarro Del Charco

‘Lose weight healthily: learn how to relate with food’, this was the title of the first conference in the series focusing on Health Promotion which started on Wednesday, March 14 and that will take place until June 6.

The first of the conferences, held at Cortijo Miraflores Cultural Center, began as a hand-in-hand between the endocrine and internist at Ochoa Hospital, Dr. José Luis Guijarro, and the psychologist, organizer of the event, Mr. Buenaventura del Charco Olea. Then, the floor was given to the attendees who were very interested in this subject.

How to handle emotional hunger, so that it does not overthrow our efforts to follow a healthy diet and reach our objectives were some of the aspects discussed. Stress, anxiety and leisure related activities are among some of the triggers of this feeling, which has little to do with real or physical hunger.  Appetite is one thing and hunger is a very different feeling altogether.

Both Endocrinology and Internal Medicine and Psychotherapy play an important role in the ability to relate in a healthy way with food.  Among the advice of the experts: choose healthy foods, with less caloric intake and keep away from refined food.  Fruits and vegetables are a good choice. Also focus on the emotional peaks pushing us towards compulsive eating.

This conference will be followed by the presentations ‘Chronic pain’ on April 27; ‘Failing at School’, on May 16, and ”I’m just like that!” (on people’s emotional management), on June 6.  All sessions will be held from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the CortijoMiraflores Cultural Center in Marbella.

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