Marbella Basketball Club prepares the new season with a talk at Hospital Ochoa

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This weekend, Marbella Basketball Club commenced the season in the LEB Silver category. The Blues are diligently making preparations so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

For this reason, the team’s management gave the players a talk at Hospital Ochoa’s conference room, informing them of several important aspects to be taken into account during the new season.

The talk was given by the club’s doctor, Rosa Sanchez, who focused on two main issues. Firstly, she informed the players about everything related to doping in a professional league, including the extreme precautions players must take.

She also shared with them nutritional tips, and explained how they are very important for both achieving optimum competitive performance and avoiding injuries.

Rosa Sánchez outlined the new doping regulations, as well as the possible corresponding sanctions for breaking them. She said “I have tried to warn them to be careful with everything they can take, in order to avoid uncertainties. I have told them that they have to be alert because the fine or sanction is the same whether it has been done willingly or not”.

The other part of the conference was about different nutritional principles and tips to keep in mind for the new season. The Marbella Basketball Club doctor recognized that “the players make up a very heterogeneous group and it is true that a Point Guard can’t have the same nutritional intake as a Center, but we can offer all of them advice and encourage them to keep good eating habits.

Nutrition is fundamental for athletes and that is why everyone should be concerned about having a good diet that allows them to perform at their maximum potential, have a better recovery rate, and above all reduce the risk of suffering injuries.

In this regard, Dr. Sanchez commented on some habits that should be left behind such as “consuming energy or sugary drinks”. She also highlighted the importance of following guidelines when taking supplements and stressed the need to take them during breaks so as to avoid fatigue in the game’s second half.

After the talk, the Marbella Basketball Club’s doctor highlighted the team’s unified dedication this season that starts Saturday September 21<sup>st</sup> at 18:00 against Juaristi ISB at the Benahavis Sports Pavilion.

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