Maté: “There’s nothing like being home and the treatment I receive at Hospital Ochoa”

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Cyclist Luis Angel Maté came back to Hospital Ochoa this morning to continue his recovery from the accident he suffered last weekend during the first stage of the Tour of Poland. A local Marbella resident, the rider thanked the hospital for the care he is receiving, stating “they are treating me in a spectacular way”.

The Team Cofidis rider acknowledges that he is alive thanks to God, after the tremendous blow he suffered during the Polish race. “It was by far the worst fall I’ve ever had in a race,” said a calm Maté after three days of confusion over what happened.

“I remember that we were going down very fast in order to prepare the sprint, and in the middle of the curve, in my path, there was a big hole. My wheel went in and I shot out”, said Maté.

The momentum made him hit a wall, and he was able to save his life thanks to the helmet. “At first it all happens so fast that you don’t know what happened. I tried to sit up to see that nothing had happened to my extremities and I realized that I wasn´t wearing the helmet anymore, that it had exploded. I thought I had nothing wrong until I saw the blood.”

Fortunately, and despite the ferocity of the impact, the Marbella cyclist has not suffered any serious injuries and the head wound, as well as other burns on his body, have not affected him. He received over 20 stitches to close the wound, and despite everything “I did not lose consciousness at any time”.

Maté knows that these occurrences “are one of the risks that this sport has” and therefore he demands “that the roads be in conditions to be able to compete”. “The roads in Poland were not in adequate condition, they had many deficiencies. Cycling is an outdoor sport and will always have a risk, but we have to put in place the means to prevent this from happening”.

These days, the Marbella cyclist is recovering in Hospital Ochoa so that he can return to training as soon as possible. “I am grateful for the care we have been given there, but there is nothing like being at home and the treatment we have here in Ochoa, which is spectacular”.

This setback will not prevent him from getting on the bike soon, “you think about many things but it is a beautiful sport, which contributes a lot and in which we send a very positive message to the youth”.

The objective is to be in the next Vuelta a España, “as of today there are 18 days left and, although my head is ok, it is time to rest and train in order to get well for the Vuelta”. For the moment “we have to wait during the next few days, especially this week, to observe the progress”.

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