New CAT scan at Hospital Ochoa, fast, precise and with greater resolution


Hospital Ochoa incorporates a new radiodiagnostic device: a multi-slice helical scan. Such medical piece of equipment performs computerized tomographies, more commonly known as CT scans, which is a diagnostic test that uses X-rays and produces multiple images or photographs of the inside of the body.

The multi-slice helical tomography scan incorporated in Hospital Ochoa results in studies with greater resolution than a conventional helical CT scan, since it acquires images with a slice thickness of even less than 1 millimetre.

Studies are performed in a few minutes and require only a few seconds of apnoea, thanks to the high speed of the equipment, which provides greater comfort to patients.

Given its great spatial resolution, it allows reconstructions in the three spatial planes, as well as three-dimensional images.

This new CT scan has a dose modulation system, which reduces the dose received according to the patient’s profile, and avoids, in addition, scattered radiation, maintaining the image quality.

This technology has multiple advantages. For example in the event of a trauma, to detect haemorrhages, injuries of the internal organs or fractures. To diagnose tumours and assess their possible size. To study  pathologies of the spine. To assess lung injuries or in the diagnosis of some infections.

On the other hand, with this new TAC, three-dimensional reconstructions can be performed, a useful tool for planning dental implants (Dentascan), and also to perform bone studies in 3D, angiotomographies and virtual colonoscopies.

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