Pioneer in prostate cancer treatment in Andalusia

Doctor Alfonso Santos

Hospital Ochoa launches a pioneer treatment in Andalucía for prostate cancer by the hand of urologist Alfonso Santos.

The new approach of the specialist in Urology to treat prostate cancer allows the removal of the localized tumor without removing the whole gland, a revolutionary technique compared with others that have been applied for years.

During many years, localized prostate cancer patients were treated by ablative surgery, or what is the same thing, by removing the gland completely, and although results have been very good from the oncological point of view, in many cases, patients have been suffering from impotence, incontinence or stenosis.

Latest developments in the world of urology have led to a transformation in the approach to prostate cancer treatment. Among them, we should highlight:

Diagnostic imaging with multiparametric nuclear magnetic resonance examination (NMR), which provides information on volume and location, both key to perform the biopsy.

Early diagnosis with fusion biopsy and early treatment with the appearance of focal treatments with irreversible electroporation.

These developments lead us to conclude that if we have a localized tumor and know its size, focal therapy can be applied without having to remove the entire gland.

Focal therapy has been already in use for a few years in many hospitals. Recently focal therapy was presented in the European Association of Urology in Munich (2016). Hospital Ochoa takes a step further in the use of pioneering and less invasive techniques to treat pathologies.

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