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Hospital Ochoa in Marbella offers a wide range of cosmetic solutions. Our professional team has a proven track record of achieving excellent results, and our state-of-the-art facilities are spacious and comfortable.

At Hospital Ochoa you will have the best non-invasive aesthetic treatments at your fingertips. Our physicians and nurses possess over two decades of experience in this field, and together with proficiency in the latest techniques, we are able to provide quality service and desired results.

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Our team will answer all your questions. Should you have any doubts or queries regarding any cosmetic procedure, please do not hesitate to call or visit us. The first in-person consultation is free.


Botulinum toxin type A is widely considered the best treatment for removing wrinkles without surgery, and for this reason it is one of the most requested cosmetic solutions at Hospital Ochoa.

Botox is a neurotoxin that causes flaccid paralysis. It blocks certain chemical signals from reaching the nerves that cause muscles to contract. Botox produces a smooth area where it is injected – typically the forehead, frown and around the eyes.

It is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure with the following main advantages:

  • No surgery or postoperative hassles.
  • Quick results (after just 5 days).
  • Painless due to the use of tiny needles and local anesthetic.
  • Can be performed any time.

Dermal filler

With micro-injections similar to Botox, hyaluronic acid filler produces spectacular results in reshaping and contouring areas of the face such as cheekbones, lips, or around the eyes.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in different parts of the body. When injected into the skin it moisturises and strengthens it so that it becomes firmer and looks younger.

Dermal fillers are a temporary solution as the substance gradually disappears in a natural and harmless way. After several months, the hyaluronic acid vanishes and so do its hydrating and rejuvenating effects on the skin. Nevertheless, this treatment is perfectly safe and proven to successfully contour and smoothen skin.

Thread lift

This aesthetic treatment implants a net of very fine threads into the face. As the thread is pulled so is the skin, thereby removing wrinkles and flaccidity. Thread lift can also raise eyebrows or modify the shape of the face and jaw.

There are 2 types:

  • Permanent ones made from medical grade polypropylene.
  • Polydioxanone ones that are gradually absorbed by the body in a completely natural and harmless way.

Thread lift is most suitable for:

  • Raising eyebrows
  • Making the face symmetrical
  • Erasing wrinkles and “crow’s feet”
  • Reaffirming the neck or facial contours
  • Eliminating grooves on the forehead


Mesotherapy will return hydration, luminosity and smoothness to your face. You will look younger thanks to the results of this minimally invasive treatment based on vitamin injections. In addition, the treatment is very affordable and the results almost immediate.

Depending on the particular type of vitamins, small imperfections such as open pores or acne pits will be corrected, and the skin will gain luminosity and elasticity that was lost to aging, pollution and sun exposure.

Chemical peel

Chemical peel (also called dermabrasion) is a cosmetic treatment for facial rejuvenation that applies chemical substances to the outermost skin layers in order to stimulate cellular replenishment.

It makes lesions, blemishes, wrinkles and other facial imperfections disappear, as well as add luminosity. There are different types of chemical peel available to suit different needs, and these will be evaluated by Hospital Ochoa’s specialists in aesthetic medicine.

  • Light chemical peel. This is the least aggressive option on the skin because its action is limited to the most visible layers of the epidermis. If you suffer from shallow wrinkles, mild acne or small blemishes, or if you simply want to restore radiance to your face, this will be the best choice.
  • Medium chemical peel. Chemical agents reach the deepest layer of the epidermis and superficial dermis, and achieve great results restoring sun damage. This type of dermabrasion is very effective in eliminating skin blemishes, but not so much against acne lesions.
  • Deep chemical peel. A very useful method for deep wrinkles and scars that will no longer be so evident as a result of this treatment. It has the disadvantage of being more abrasive on the skin.



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