Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty focused on the oral care of children, aged from birth to adolescence. The specialist in charge is usually either a dentist or a stomatologist.

The specialty focuses on oral health issues which are uniquely exclusive to children, such as baby teeth of jawbone growth development. In addition young children are often unable to maintain adequate oral health, and are particularly nervous or tense when undergoing dental treatment.

The importance of oral health in children

In addition to the aesthetic prominence of a great smile, the mouth plays a fundamental part of the digestive system. Oral health has a direct impact on a person’s nutrition, which is of significant importance during childhood and adolescence. Children’s oral health helps them to grow strong and healthy.

<<A bad dental experience in childhood can dramatically compromise oral and dental health for the rest of their life, and it is common to find patients who have not been to the dentist as adults because they were traumatised by dental treatment during their childhood>>.

Pediatric Dentistry Team

Hospital Ochoa has a specialised Pediatric Dentistry Team that combines pediatric and odontological expertise and equipment in order to be able to perform any oral health procedure in children necessary.

This service requires specially trained personnel, which makes Hospital Ochoa a leader in children’s oral health across the Costa Del Sol.

Multidisciplinary unit

The Pediatric Dentistry Team is a multidisciplinary unit staffed with dentists, maxillofacial surgeons and pediatric anesthesiologists.

It is also equipped to treat adult patients who are disabled or have special needs, such as Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy or psychomotor delays.

Safety precautions

The Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry recommends stricter safety precautions when treating underage patients. In particular, anesthesia should be administered exclusively by a physician anesthesiologist when the patient is a child:

* under the age of 5.

* suffering from cardiovascular disease.

* undergoing anticonvulsant therapy.

* on sedatives.

* suffering from behavioral disorders.


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