Traffic Accident Unit

The Traffic Injuries Unit of Hospital Ochoa, in Marbella, provides medical assistance to the person affected in a traffic accident, whether driver, occupant, pedestrian, or cyclist, and can be treated at no cost to the patient until full recovery or stabilization of sequelae, without having to obtain any permission or authorization from the insurance company.

This service is possible thanks to the existing national agreement between insurance companies, UNESPA (Spanish Union of Insurance Companies), and the National Federation of Private Clinics, to which Hospital Ochoa belongs.

Free attention

Our specialised traffic unit will take charge of coordinating your appointments free of charge and managing the procedures to be followed with the insurance companies so that you do not have to worry about anything other than following the treatment.

The invoicing and reimbursement of medical services will be carried out in accordance with the current Framework Agreement on Health Care Derived from Traffic Accidents, when the necessary circumstances are met, and otherwise under the conditions agreed with the Management (see information)”.

Who can go through the Traffic Unit?

At Hospital Ochoa we know that injuries sustained in a traffic accident must be treated quickly to avoid possible sequelae, which is why we guarantee the best healthcare for our patients.

  • Any traffic injury can be treated at Hospital Ochoa, with or without private medical insurance.
  • You have 15 days from the date of the accident to be transferred to our facilities for the first time (you need to present a report of the accident or, failing that, a statement of the accident).
  • If you have already been treated at a medical centre for the accident, you can continue your treatment at Hospital Ochoa by providing the necessary documentation.
  • In all cases it is essential to have the compulsory vehicle insurance in force.

Unit service

At Hospital Ochoa we offer all the medical services listed on the website for the rapid recovery of patients injured in traffic accidents, but we highlight those with the highest priority:

  • 24h medical and trauma emergencies.
  • Hospital emergencies
  • Diagnostic and high resolution tests
  • Rehabilitation
  • Evaluation of bodily injury (medical report in case of after-effects valid for possible legal claims).

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