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Traffic Accident Unit

Traffic Accident Unit


The Traffic Accident Unit at Hospital Ochoa provides free medical assistance to any person hurt in a traffic accident, be it drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.

This service is possible thanks to the existing agreement between the Spanish National Federation of Private Clinics (to which Hospital Ochoa is a member), and the Spanish Union of Insurance Companies (UNESPA).

Free care and treatment

Hospital Ochoa’s Traffic Accident Unit takes charge of coordinating patient appointments and managing insurance claims. All procedures are taken care of so that medical care and treatment is entirely free for the patient, who can instead focus on their health and speedy recovery.


Injuries sustained during traffic accidents must be treated quickly in order to avoid possible chronic complications of acute conditions. For this reason, Hospital Ochoa guarantees the best care and treatment by providing the following services:

  • Any traffic injury can be treated at Hospital Ochoa, with or without private medical insurance.
  • Patients have 15 days from the accident to be transferred to Hospital Ochoa (official accident report or statement is required).
  • Patients may transfer to Hospital Ochoa after starting treatment at another medical center.
  • Vehicles involved in the accident must have insurance as mandated by law.



Patients in Hospital Ochoa’s Traffic Accident Unit have access to all the specialties and treatment that the hospital provides. Below are the most common, listed in order of priority:

  • Medical and traumatological emergencies 24h.
  • Hospital emergencies.
  • Diagnostic and high resolution tests.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Evaluation of bodily injury (including medical report for possible patient legal claims).

Specialist inTraffic Accident Unit

Dr. Rafael Corrales

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