Upper Limb Unit

The Upper Limb Unit at Hospital Ochoa in Marbella has been designed to assist patients with injuries related to the upper limb. These injuries involve a large number of medical consultations and often lead to incapacity for work, making their diagnosis and treatment essential.


What are the pathologies of the upper limb?

This unit was created with the intention of offering specialised, quality care to all patients with pathologies of the upper limb, both degenerative and traumatic.

In the first group are diseases that appear as a consequence of trauma or due to age and end up causing osteoarthritis of the joints. They cause pain and limit mobility, which is why they must be diagnosed at an early stage in order to treat them with the most appropriate treatment.

As for traumatic injuries, the most common are related to shoulder and clavicle fractures, rotator cuff injuries, wrist ligament rupture, and others more typical of sports practice such as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow or injuries to the thumb ligament, which is very common among skiers.


Dr. Carlos Peña is the director of the Upper Extremity Unit at Hospital Ochoa in Marbella, and holds the official title of upper limb sub-specialist awarded by the University of Ottawa (Canada) and has extensive experience in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology.

In particular, he performs arthroscopic surgery, prosthetic surgery and a wide range of sports injuries.

MMSS Unit Service

These are the services offered by the Upper Limb Unit:

Hand surgery

– Repair of flexor and extensor tendon ruptures

– Osteosynthesis of metacarpal and/or phalangeal fractures

– Treatment of rhizarthrosis with and without prosthesis depending on the degree of involvement.

– Dupuytren’s disease

– Carpal tunnel syndrome

– Trigger or spring finger

– Ulnar nerve syndrome

– Carpectomy of the first row of the carpal bone

– 4-corner carpal arthrodesis

Wrist surgery

– Wrist fractures

– Carpal scaphoid fractures

– Rupture of triangular fibrocartilage (arthroscopic treatment)

– Total wrist arthrodesis

Elbow surgery

– Osteosynthesis of any elbow fractures

– Radial nerve syndrome

– Ulnar nerve syndrome

– Recalcitrant tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow

– Elbow instability

– Radial head prosthesis

– Total elbow prosthesis

– Distal biceps rupture

– Elbow arthroscopy

Shoulder surgery

– Simple and complex rotator cuff tears (arthroscopic treatment)

– Shoulder instabilities (arthroscopic treatment)

– Primary and salvage surgery for latarjet instabilities

– Acromioclavicular dislocation

– Biceps longus pathology

– Tendon transfers

– Osteosynthesis of proximal humerus fractures

– Glenoid fractures

– Total anatomical shoulder prosthesis

– Reverse Total Shoulder Prosthesis

– Revision surgery shoulder prosthesis


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