Irreversible Electroporation IRE prostate

Treatment of localised prostate cancer

irreversible electroporosis for prostate cancer treatment
Targeted treatment of prostate cancer

This is a new approach by the Urology specialist to treat prostate cancer in Marbella by means of surgery that allows the localised tumour to be removed without the need to remove the entire gland, which is a revolution for the techniques used for years.

Until now, when prostate cancer was diagnosed early, the gland was removed, with very good results from an oncological point of view, although the cases of patients suffering from impotence, incontinence or stenosis have been high.

With advances in diagnostic imaging, specialists have come to the conclusion that if the tumour is localised and its size is known, it can be removed focally without the need to remove the entire gland.

There are already many centres working on focal therapy in Spain. Hospital Ochoa Marbella takes a step forward and joins the advance in pioneering and less invasive techniques when it comes to treating pathologies.

Duration of the process 2 hours
Anesthesia general
Hospital stay No
Recovery time 1 month
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Irreversible Electroporation IRE prostate Treatment of localised prostate cancer
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Dr. Alfonso Santos
  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • MIR: Speciality of Urology
  • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
  • Assistant Urology Physician at the Carlos de Haya Hospital in Malaga.
  • Head of the endourology section at the Carlos Haya Regional Hospital in Malaga.
  • Director of the Laparoscopy Course
  • Director of the ureterorenoscopy training course at the National Urology Congress.
  • Director of the laparoscopy courses held at the Carlos Haya Regional Hospital in Malaga.

Our installations

Our modern facilities with integrated operating rooms and hospitalization floor make it possible for us to carry out minimally invasive surgical techniques with which the patient obtains a rapid and satisfactory recovery, thus meeting the expectations of the most demanding. We have several accesses; from Severo Ochoa avenue and from the Marbella promenade.

Step by step surgery

Irreversible Electroporation IRE prostate

The Irreversible IRE prostate electroporation technique lasts approximately 2 hours.
General anaesthesia is needed and no hospital stay is required.
Recovery time is approximately 1 month.

Advantages of IRE treatment

As the technique is based on the generation of an electric field that preserves blood vessels and nerve tissue as much as possible, the probability of preserving urinary and sexual function, avoiding cases of impotence, incontinence or stenosis, is greater than in other treatments which, however, have given very good results from an oncological point of view.

Focal therapy exclusively treats the damaged area, which has been previously localised thanks to magnetic resonance imaging. The irreversible electroporation technique uses an electric field on the tumour which causes irreversible damage to the cells leading to programmed cell death.

IRE does not require hospitalisation and the patient is discharged a few hours after the procedure and goes home without a bladder catheter or scar.

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