Test de antigeno marbella


Hospital Ochoa is administering PCR tests in Marbella.

The Covid-19 PCR test is carried out using a nasal swab. It has a very high sensitivity rate during the infection phase and is the most reliable Covid test if the person has symptoms compatible with SARS-COV 2.

  • Results: Same day within 12 hours.
  • Test type: Nasal swab.
  • Price: 90€.
  • Price: 100€ (on weekends and holidays).

What is the PCR test?

The PCR test amplifies the virus’ RNA in the sample obtained. Its sensitivity is very high, and it is the best choice when diagnosing an active infection.

This Covid-19 test is used to detect the presence of infection in the respiratory tract and is performed via nasal swab. No preparation or fasting is required.

How much does the PCR test cost?

 The PCR test costs 90€ (100€ on weekends and holidays).

Do I have to return to Hospital Ochoa for the test results?

Hospital Ochoa has a speedy system that will provide PCR test results in under 12 hours.

 How long do results take?

 No. Each test taker receives their own barcode
with which they can obtain the resultsonline.

  • Depending on the reason and the time elapsed, the physician will determine which test is the most appropriate for the patient.
  • Request an appointment through our website or by calling 952861400.
  • From the onset of symptoms or knowledge of having been in contact with a positive, the patient should call Salud Responde and take preventive measures until the test is performed. .

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