Traumatologist Dr. Chatziandreou implanted two knee prostheses to a patient in the same surgical intervention

Doctor Chatziandreou

Until recently, this may seem science fiction, in fact there are only two places in the world where it takes place: USA and Ireland.  . We are referring to the implantation of two knee prostheses (unicompartmental) in the same patient in a single surgical intervention and therefore with a single anaesthesia.  We discuss this with Dr.IgnatiosChatziandreou who carried the above out just a few months ago at the Hospital Ochoa.

The intervention is recommended in patients with partial severe osteoarthritis of the knee, a prevalent pathology that can be a disabling condition in some cases.  It usually occurs in patients over 60 years of age, who are more prone to develop this degenerative pathology. Increasing in prevalence in recent decades, the condition is closely linked, above all, to the increase in the life expectancy of the population.

In the case of unicompartmental osteoarthritis, the cause is usually legs that are not straight and with an anatomical axis. After the operation, the patients have a rehabilitation of approximately four weeks of physiotherapy.

The specific case that concerns us, the two unicompartmental prostheses in a single operation, have been implanted in a 61-year-old patient with severe internal unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  After the recovery process, the patient is in perfect condition and her quality of life has improved. She currently leaves a totally normal life, practises sports and travels at will.  She is very happy because before the operation she could not walk more than a few hundred meters in a row without pain.

In young patients with non-right leg axes and cartilaginous problems, prostheses are not implanted. Dr. Chatziandreou practices an osteotomy in this cases (surgical cut of the bone) usingthe patient’s own knee or hip.  These interventions are  currently performed at Hospital Ochoa by Dr. Chatziandreou. In fact, the last one has recently taken place.

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