Treatment of vulvovaginal dryness or atrophy

Vulvovaginal atrophy occurs mainly in many women during perimenopause and menopause, as it is the stage in which vaginal tissues stop lubricating correctly due to the decrease in estrogen levels.

While this is not the only cause, vaginal dryness can manifest itself at any age for other reasons such as previous surgery, dermatological affectations or pharmacological treatments.

Signs of discomfort may range from milder ones, such as local irritation, to more severe ones involving a higher risk of suffering infections of the genital tract or pain during sexual intercourse.

The good news is that there is a solution, and that it is a simple and almost painless treatment. Hospital Ochoa has been carrying out a simple technique for a few years, which involves applying intravaginal injections of hyaluronic acid, marketed by Isdin laboratories under the name of Desirial.

Although Desirial is indicated for rehydration and comfort recovery of the vaginal area, it is also used with good results in the treatment of other pathologies such as genital lichen sclearosus, in cases of painful episiotomies and sometimes to improve mild urinary incontinence.

Isdin has also developed Desirial Plus, which helps in tissue reconstitution and increase the volume of the labia majora where necessary, after decay due to age or weight loss.

But let’s go back to Desirial. The treatment is applied by both gynecologists and aesthetic doctors and does not require hospital stay. Half an hour before injections of hyaluronic acid, intravaginal route, the patient applies an anesthetic cream at home which makes the procedure pain-free. The application of the injections takes about 15 minutes and their effect lasts between six months and a year.

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