What is neural therapy?

Hospital Ochoa Marbella, with the help of Dr Aaron Hernández, launches neural therapy, a technique with over 80 years of proven results treating autonomic nervous system disorders.  

Neural therapy consists of regulatory and system-resetting treatment in which local anaesthetics are injected into specific parts of the body.


What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy is a type of holistic medicine that identifies interference fields which prevent the autonomic nervous system from functioning correctly. Such interference may be in certain nerves, scars, glands and trigger points throughout the body. Local anaesthetics are injected into these parts with the aim of disrupting the interference fields and allowing for the natural regulatory and system-resetting of the body.

It is very important to take the patient’s medical history in great detail. This includes the patient’s way of life, environment, and all medical issues they may have suffered since childhood.


What is it for?

Neural therapy is most widely associated with the elimination of chronic pain, particularly in post-operative scars. However, it can also be used to treat a multitude of health issues involving the autonomic nervous system, such as hormonal regulation, inflammatory responses, thermal regulation, heart rate, as well as emotional pathologies.

The great benefit of neural therapy is its holistic approach that allows the body to naturally reset and self-regulate.


Are there any dangers or side effects?

Neural therapy is very safe. The principal potential issue is whether a patient is allergic to either of the 2 anaesthetics used: lidocaine and procaine.

An added benefit of neural therapy is its total compatibility with other treatments such as physiotherapy or osteopathy.


When did neural therapy first appear?

The Huneke brothers first developed neural therapy in Germany in the 1940s. Due to its success, subsequent decades saw the technique spread throughout much of northern Europe. In Spain it first appeared in Catalonia, where the country’s largest neural therapy centre has been located for the past thirty years.

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