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Private medicine within reach


Provision personalised and exclusive medical care at reduced prices at
Hospital Ochoa.

Advantages Advantages
  • You will enjoy the services from the first day
  • No age limits
  • No gaps or exclusions
  • Family and individual fees
  • etc.
24h Emergencies 24h Emergencies

Emergency 24 hours every
days of the year for only

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    Without age limits, without deficiencies and without exclusions

    You will be able to enjoy the services from the first day.

    Annual family fee
    Annual family fee 195€

    * First-degree relatives (family nucleus) or for people who live at the same address

    Annual fee individual
    Annual fee individual 135€

    Reduced prices with CLUB OCHOA card​

    Specialist consultation28€150€
    Pediatric consultation28€65€
    Podiatrist consultation22€45€
    Gynaecology check-up with ultrasound and cervical screening75€165€
    Urology check-up and ultrasound55€160€
    Clinical analysis-50%
    Rehab (1 session)10€25€

    Hospital Ochoa

    Health experts

    Hospital Ochoa, with over 25 years of experience in private medicine, employs the latest technology in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, providing its patients with personalised care.

    • 24 hour emergencies
    • 36 medical specialties
    • Over 150 medical specialists
    • Hospitalisation
    • High resolution diagnostic tests
    • Multidisciplinary units
    Contact phones