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Hospital Ochoa receives a large number of international patients every year who are seeking a consultation with our more than 50 specialists, a second opinion, or a medical or surgical treatment.

Our services to international patients offer exclusive care, with the latest medical and surgical treatments customised to the patient and coordinated by the best specialists of national and international recognition; all of this, supported by the latest and most advanced medical technology to provide a service of the highest quality.

Hospital Ochoa stands out for its personalised care model, which is characterised by:

  • Care coordinated by our medical director and other specialists.
  • Collaborative care, where doctors from different specialties work together as a team.
  • One-stop appointment scheduling for the best attention to our patients, with no waiting times or delays.
assitance personalized in our hospital


Our aim is to make your visit as comfortable and easy as possible.

At Marbella Hospital Ochoa we will make your stay in Marbella as comfortable as possible, facilitating the management of your stay, accommodation and travel for our patients and their families.

  • We offer you personalised bilingual attention
  • We design and coordinate personalised medical check-ups.
  • We coordinate transport by road ambulance or other emergency transport, if necessary.
  • Providing financial advisory services
  • Make appointments with doctors
  • Coordinate care between specialists to ensure full communication.
  • We offer assistance in organising your travel and accommodation from the airport.
  • Satisfy special religious and cultural needs and diets
  • Delivery of estimated budgets for fees and/or clinical services according to your diagnosis.
  • We provide assistance with your insurance company to ensure that your policy has adequate coverage.
  • You will be provided with hospital accommodation for the accompanying person.
  • We offer assistance with hotel reservations at preferential rates.
  • Support, assistance and guidance required by the patient during their stay in the clinic.
  • Assistance with hotel bookings at preferential rates.
coordination and medical treatments


Hospital Ochoa welcomes patients from all over the world all year round, whether they are seeking an initial medical assessment, treatment for their illness or surgery.

A multicultural team and a personalised care model. We have an experienced medical team and a highly qualified staff dedicated to providing comprehensive patient care, while meeting the cultural needs of international patients.

We have a translation service in more than 10 languages, and a team that can assist you in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Russian.


Hospital Ochoa’s international patient service has agreements with the main international insurance companies to guarantee coverage for your treatment during your stay.

If you have an international medical insurance or travel insurance, our international insurance department can directly manage the authorisation or guarantee of payment prior to your medical visit.

We will inform you about the coverage of your policy to ensure that your company covers all expenses during your stay and treatment and that you are aware in advance of any expenses that may not be covered by your policy.

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If you are a patient who does not have medical insurance, Hospital Ochoa’s Financial Department will provide you with a detailed quote according to your medical needs, which will include all the expenses derived from the medical services you receive.

If the quotation is accepted, the patient must pay a deposit upon admission of the patient, which will be 50% of the quotation provided.

At the end of your treatment and after you have been discharged from hospital, you will receive an itemised invoice for the hospital stay, medical consultation or treatment received.


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