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Aesthetic Surgery

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Everything you need to know about breast augmentation surgery

December 30, 2019 / Aesthetic Surgery / 0Comment/s

Breast augmentation is the most requested aesthetic surgery in Spain, followed by liposuction and breast reduction. Over 65,000 operations of...

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Ochoa Aesthetics, beauty at the forfront

August 28, 2017 / Aesthetic medicine / 0Comment/s

Dermoestética Ochoa offers in Marbella the most innovative beauty treatments on the market, both facial and body ones. All of...

medicina estetica y salud
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Aesthetic medicine promotes wellness and health

August 13, 2017 / Aesthetic medicine / 0Comment/s

Interview withDr. Elena Hens, head of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of Hospital Ochoa. Doctor Elena Hens, please tell us what...