colon exploration


Colonoscopy is a test in which the digestive system specialist explores the rectum and colon.

Diagnosis of diseases, surveillance, monitoring or treatment through the colonospia diagnostic test in Marbella.

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Digestive System
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Our installations

Our modern facilities with integrated operating rooms and hospitalization floor make it possible for us to carry out minimally invasive surgical techniques with which the patient obtains a rapid and satisfactory recovery, thus meeting the expectations of the most demanding. We have several accesses; from Severo Ochoa avenue and from the Marbella promenade.



In order to undergo a colonoscopy, the patient must first see a specialist in the Digestive System who will determine the prescription for the test, inform the patient of the preparation for the test and provide an appointment.
The test will be performed under sedation and the patient must be accompanied by a companion on the day of the test.
Colonoscopy is recommended for all persons over 50 years of age or younger if they have rectal bleeding or a family history of colon cancer or other predisposing disease (ulcerative colitis, Cronh's disease).

It is performed by inserting the endoscope, a tube-shaped instrument containing a light and optics, through the anus. It is monitored through a monitor where the doctor visualises the entire process. The patient is sedated at all times, so he or she will not feel any discomfort, and can leave within 15 to 30 minutes after the examination.

Hospital Ochoa has an external endoscopy area made up of different rooms where the patient will pass through during the preparation, performance of the test and subsequent recovery.

If polyps are found during the colonoscopy, they will be removed immediately.

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