Hospital Ochoa celebrates 25 years!

Pedro Serrano y Maricarmen Sánchez

Hospital Ochoa is proud to commemorate 25 years of healthcare excellence.

In 1997 a simple medical centre was founded. 25 years later, Hospital Ochoa is now a point of reference for best practice in the Costa Del Sol. During this time, the hospital has continuously invested in state-of-the-art modernisation, expanding to over 6,000m2 and 130 medical specialists.

This has been possible thanks to an exceptional team of dedicated professionals; doctors, nurses, technical assistants and maintenance personnel, who have always strived for the highest quality. In addition, we’d like to send a very special thank you to all the patients who have entrusted us with something as personal as their health and medical care.

The celebration took place on Saturday May 13, during which Pedro Serrano, CEO and co-founder, thanked all the attendees for their support. Marbella’s city mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, was also present and thanked Hospital Ochoa and its professionals for all their hard work and invaluable service.

Mr. Serrano made this emotional summary of the institution’s historic trajectory: “I remember dearly when we started, we only had 5 or 6 medical appointments. Then we opened a division of daytime emergencies, and later, at the request of patients, we added 24-hour emergencies. Since its birth, at Hospital Ochoa we have always had the objective of offering the highest standards of quality and healthcare.”

Continuous improvement and modernisation

Several key landmarks stand out when looking back at the hospital’s evolution. One of them was in 2002 when an MRI unit with two Nuclear Magnetic Resonances (NMR) was integrated. One was an open 0.5 Tesla for claustrophobic patients and the other a closed 1.5 Tesla high field, as well as Computed Tomography (CT). Another key moment was the inauguration in 2010 of 4 operating theatres and 23 hospitalisation beds. “This growth was the direct result of the staff’s hard work. Throughout 25 years they’ve always risen to the occasion and made it possible for Hospital Ochoa to be today’s gold standard for health care in Marbella”, said Mr. Serrano.

Other milestones include the introduction of a pioneering method of refractive eye surgery in the year 2000, which at the time was the first in Marbella. There have also been the opening of new departments, including cosmetic surgery, IVF, dentistry and dental surgery, and physiotherapy. This last one is the most recent addition, having just opened at Calle Padre José Vera, and offers the latest treatments in advanced physiotherapy such as neuromodulation, high-intensity inductive magnetotherapy Zimmer and FOCAL shock waves.

Special thanks

There are many individuals and collaborators we are thankful to. These are too many to list, yet we take the liberty to honour 20 medical specialists due to their special dedication and seniority:

  • DR. Antonio Fernández Delgado, family doctor and coordinator of the 24-hour Emergency Service.
  • DR. Carmen Corona Barrios, cardiologist.
  • LDA. María Teresa García García, psychologist.
  • DR. Robert Lutz, dermatologist.
  • DR. Virgilio de Lemos Álvarez, traumatologist.
  • DR. José Mellado Soria, specialist in Pathological Anatomy.
  • DR. Juan Francisco Muñoz Bellido, cardiologist.
  • DR. Gloria Rodríguez de Aysa, pediatrician.
  • DR. Saturnino Sánchez Galdón, specialist in Digestive System.
  • DR. Sergio Torregrosa Casañas, ophthalmologist.
  • DR. Miguel Ángel Cabrerizo Morillas, ophthalmologist.
  • DR. Manuel Pérez-Estrada Cornejo, allergist.
  • DR. Juan Luis Lima Gil, anesthesiologist.
  • DR. Manuel Ruiz Mateas, phlebologist.
  • DR. Juan Larracoechea Barrionuevo, gynecologist.
  • DR. José Bujalance Zafra, pulmonologist.
  • DR. Martín Blanco Navarro, radiologist.
  • DR. Raúl Fernández-Villamor Ortiz, psychiatrist.
  • DR. Eduardo Olalla Real, traumatologist.
  • DR. Alfonso Santos García-Vaquero, urologist.

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