In severe cases, replacing teeth is possible with zygomatic implants


Last July, Messrs. Hens and Serrano participated as lecturers of the ZYGOMATIC IMPLANTS course held in the north of Europe, in Palanga-Klaipeda, a tourist resort on the Baltic Sea invited by the well-known European association of maxillofacial surgeons BSCOSO.

During their speech, they explained in detail how to take advantage of the bone that forms the cheekbone and gives shape to the face (zygomatic bone) as a place for clamping of teeth for extreme cases of bone loss in the upper jaw. Loss of teeth due to dental or gingival infections (periodontitis or pyorrhea) always leads to a loss of bone in most cases because there is never a complete restoration of all tissues following acute or chronic inflammatory processes.

It is common for this bone loss to appear in people whose teeth were extracted at an early age. Not supporting any teeth favours the loss of bone, decreasing the volume leading to situations where it is impossible to replace the teeth with conventional dental implants.

During their presentation, Drs. Hens and Serrano showed images and explanatory videos of how to correctly perform the surgical technique and of the results it offers to patients who have no choice but to wear awkward dentures.

Zygomatic implants are a reality in Hospital Ochoa, being especially useful in patients with little maxillary bone, either for lack of dental pieces for a long period of time or due to the use of removable prosthesis since youth.

Dr. Pedro Serrano Sánchez (zygomatic implants course held in Lithuania)

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