FIV Ochoa offers cancer patients free fertility preservation during February

Fertility preservation, such as freezing eggs or sperm, is a good option for patients who wish to start a family after undergoing cancer treatment.

In what has now become a recurring February initiative, Hospital Ochoa’s Fertility Department is offering cancer patients free fertility preservation during this month. These patients may enjoy free egg and sperm cryopreservation at the start of their treatment, thereby preserving the option of IVF once they overcome the disease.

According to gynaecologist Dr. Luis García, “the most frequent cancers among young people are haematological and breast cancer. The corresponding treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can damage the gonads, so it is recommended that patients cryopreserve their eggs and sperm before commencing such procedures. This will secure the option to start a family after they recover.

70% success rate

FIV OCHOA enjoys a 70% pregnancy rate in women who have frozen between 10 and 15 eggs before starting cancer treatment.

Men can preserve their genetic material immediately, whereas women require 10 to 12 days of medicated ovarian stimulation. According to gynaecologist Dr. Juan Manuel Marín, “this delay of 10 to 12 days will not affect the final result of the oncological treatment”. For this reason, he considers it essential “to inform patients before starting chemotherapy or radiotherapy about fertility preservation options”.

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