Interview with Dr. Elbaile: “What our patients value the most is care, knowing that they are attended to at all times”

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When did you start your professional work in the field of fertility treatment?

I specialized in this sector practically since the beginning. I am from Barcelona and trained at the Dexeus Institute, where we helped the first in-vitro fertilization baby girl in Spain be born in 1984. Since I finished my studies, I have focused my career in this specialty, developing my work for different renowned centers in Spain, until 2015 when I took over the position of IVF Medical Director at Hospital Ochoa.

Why did you decide to specialize in this activity?

Within Obstetrics and Gynaecology, which is my background, assisted reproduction was something very new. You have to take into account that in 1984 the only method for assisted reproduction was artificial insemination. There was nothing else. A few years earlier, Louise Brown had been born in England, the first girl in the world to be conceived by in-vitro fertilisation. The team at Dexeus, then led by Dr. Barri, decided to carry out the same work in Spain.

It was a truly exciting experience and I have continued to pursue it throughout my career, without completely abandoning gynaecology.

What is the biggest issue in Spain regarding human reproduction?

Women access motherhood later and later. Unfortunately, the fertile age of a woman is very limited, and after 37 or 38 the possibilities of natural pregnancy are low and continue to decrease.

How many children have you helped to be born?

I don’t know the exact number, but since I’ve been in the unit we’ve helped more than a hundred children to be born. In addition, there are almost 40 pregnancies going on right now.

What are your duties as IVF Medical Director at Hospital Ochoa?

I am in charge of coordinating and attending patients who have been requesting solutions to their fertility problems.

First, we conduct the appropriate study to try to find out the cause of the problem, and from there, we set out a treatment tailored to the patient’s needs. I am also in charge of coordinating the In Vitro Fertilization laboratory, the biology part which is fundamental in our work.

What do patients value the most?

Without doubt, what they value the most is care. The truth is that the technical level of fertility treatment centres in Spain is high, so the main differentiating factor both for couples and single women, is the care provided by the professionals during such an important moment in their lives.

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