New Covid-19 wave: Should I get vaccinated?

Vacuna de Covid-19

The Spanish medical authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) are alerting that a new wave of Covid-19 is taking place. Who should get vaccinated this autumn/winter?

What we know so far

For the moment this new wave of Covid-19 does not appear serious. It is similar to past ones in that different people experience different symptoms, including sore throat, fatigue, and fever, as well as many who are asymptomatic. Nevertheless, this wave is not expected to be anywhere near as deadly as the first wave in 2020 when medical personnel were faced with a brand-new virus and an unprecedented emergency.

There are various reasons for the reappearance of Covid 19. For starters, vaccinations lose effectivity over time and relatively few people received more than three jabs beyond 2021. To make matters worse, the virus mutates and new variants often display more resistance to vaccines. In addition, the cold weather brings people into closer contact within shared spaces, making it easier for respiratory diseases to spread during this season.

All things considered, this current wave is neither a grave concern nor a great surprise, but it is important to note that there is always a degree of uncertainty when trying to predict how a virus will behave.

Should I get vaccinated?

Those people deemed at risk are strongly recommended to get vaccinated. Spain is currently administering joint injections for Covid and flu to its most elderly and vulnerable populations. For those not deemed at risk, the choice is theirs.

As we’ve all learned in recent years, the best tips for avoiding contagion include avoid contact with those infected, wear a face mask in crowded indoor spaces, and wash your hands. Having said this, vaccines have demonstrated to be the best weapon against Covid 19.

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