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Dermoestética Ochoa offers in Marbella the most innovative beauty treatments on the market, both facial and body ones.

All of them aimed at the well-being of our clients.  From simple facial cleansing techniques to other facial radio frequency treatments, one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments currently in place, make up the most complete portfolio of services you can imagine in aesthetics.

Today, we speak with the coordinator of the unit of Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery, Isabel Téllez.  Let’s review with her new techniques, our clients profiles or the most demanded treatments at present…

Which are the star treatments at Dermoestética Ochoa?

Especially aesthetic medical treatments, such as vitamins, traction wires, chemical peels…

And of the latest developments in Dermoestética Ochoa, which would be the newest?

Right now, I would say surely the lipolaser for cosmetic surgery, which is the evolution of traditional liposuction and one of the most used aesthetic treatments for patients to get their dreamed figure in a safe and successfully.

And what about trends in aesthetic treatments…

Well, there are trends, of course.  In fact, many customers are very well informed on these matters. That also helps us to be always at the forefront.

What would be the user profile of Dermoestética Ochoa, both for men and women?

Regardless of gender, we are talking about middle-aged patients with a medium-high economic status who like to take care of themselves and feel good about their physical condition in general.

And by nationalities, are there different preferences depending on the client’s country?

The truth is that no, preferences do not vary on the basis of their place of origin.

When clients arrive at Dermoestética Ochoa, do they have clear ideas about the treatment they want?

Many come up with some ideas of what they want to do, although they usually ask for prior advice. This is why, at Dermoestética Ochoa we are at the forefront regarding the latest techniques. Therefore, it’s easy to take care of the curiosity of information, to help make an appropriate decision and, above all, have clients satisfied with the result of the treatment.

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