Autumn is here and so is flu season

Gripe otoñal

Although temperatures remain high for this time of year and rainfall is low, the recommendations remain the same: people should take measures to protect themselves against sudden changes in temperature, combined with some basic hygiene habits.

Vaccination of groups at risk – over 65 years, chronic patients, pregnant women and some professional groups in contact with affected by this illness – remains the most effective control measure.

High temperatures, low rainfall are not the best combination to meet the arrival of the flu virus under the best conditions. The vaccination campaign of this disease just started. Flu is a major public health problem and is directly associated with a high rate of hospitalizations and mortality, as well as with a significant demand for health resources. Experts believe that the control measure considered more effective is the annual vaccination of certain population groups considered at high risk due to the associated complications they can suffer.

However, not all people have to be vaccinated. The indications of the health community to accurately establish risk groups are to target population over 65 years, chronic patients, pregnant women and some professionals susceptible to be in contact with those groups affected.

The campaign, which runs until December, as mentioned is aimed at vulnerable or at-risk population. It should be supported with simple hygiene measures such as covering your mouth, use tissues and wash your hands often and avoiding sudden temperature changes, according to Dr. Victor Gomez Carrillo from Hospital Ochoa Marbella.

In recent years, it is also recommended, in the cases where indicated, to have a pneumococcal vaccine, which immunization against the main bacteria producing otitis media, sinusitis and pneumonia. By having this other vaccine, population over 65 who live in nursing homes and day centers will be fully covered as well as those between 65 and 74 years, who have not been vaccinated in previous years.

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