Why it’s better to sleep without pyjamas

Dormir desnudo es más sano

Many of us wear pyjamas to bed. They are soft, cosy, and conducive to a good night’s sleep. But what would happen if we went to sleep naked?

Many studies suggest that sleeping without clothes increases health and happiness.

Increased oxytocin levels

Studies show that sleeping naked increases oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone that is generated in the hypothalamus and is key for activating various physiological processes, including combating stress, high blood pressure and depression.

Healthy skin

The fewer layers of textile that cover our skin, the better our pores will be able to breathe. This translates to a healthier and shinier looking skin. Areas such as the feet, armpits and genitals in particular benefit immensely from ventilation.

Increased activity

As strange as this may sound, studies show that wearing cosy night-time wear such as pyjamas and night gowns, makes people more sedentary and likely to gain weight. In contrast, ditching such items increases the likelihood of activity. This is most noticeable after waking up in the morning, as starting the day in cosy pyjamas may set the tone for a slow day.

Increased fertility

Studies show that men who sleep without pyjamas have a higher sperm count. This is because sperm production is linked closely to the body’s internal temperature, and a large disparity between the temperature of our groin and the rest of our body lowers the production of sperm. Thus, wearing warm underwear at night may decrease men’s fertility.

Weight loss

Resting at a cool temperature activates the brown fat in our body (brown adipose tissue), which in turn breaks down blood sugar (glucose), thus leading to efficient weight loss.

Better rest

Sleep and body temperature are closely linked, as the latter starts to fall naturally as bedtime approaches. Experts believe the ideal room temperature for sleeping is between 15° and 19° C. Studies show that people in developed countries are more likely to sleep with temperatures above the recommended range, partly due to unnecessary clothing, and this negatively impacts their sleep quality.


Another benefit associated with going to bed naked is that anti-aging hormones and melatonin, which help the body regulate sleep cycles, are released more efficiently under adequate body temperature.

Hormone regulation

Sleeping naked may also help the body to better regulate cortisol levels, thereby lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. Furthermore, excessive heat during sleep lowers the release of growth hormones, and consequently hinders the process of cellular repair, including in bones and muscles.


According to some studies, spending time naked improves our self-esteem. Be it during the day or while sleeping at night, being naked simply improves our self-confidence.

Improved blood circulation

Any garment no matter how elastic will exert some degree of pressure on our skin and body. By removing our pyjamas, we avoid such unwelcome compression points on our waist, ankles, wrists and other areas.

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